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lyfe blog 1Residential property is lower risk than most other investments in a SMSF


SMSF ownership is growing rapidly with over 520,000 funds already in existence that control over $540 billion in assets. A large number of users’ balance their asset classes with only direct shares and a portfolio of managed funds. These can provide significant income returns through dividends but tend to be more volatile. If you would like say 50% of your SMSF in a lower risk arena then consider this; Australian direct property along with other cash flow positive investment generating assets.

Diversify risk to protect yourself and your retirement!

Australian residential property is known worldwide for its robustness. Property is never worth nothing. Companies disappear and investment funds may collapse however in a worst case scenario, if the building on a piece of land collapses, then you still have the value in the land. Time will help iron out discrepancies … history has shown us that this is a long term, low risk strategy.   The Property market will always eventually bounce back

It is important that this investment meets your risk tolerance. Refer to a risk profile to determine your comfort levels.


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