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Who’s really in control of your superannuation?  Are you leaving it up to a stranger?

Learn how to take control and grow your wealth in a Self Managed Super Fund.

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We EDUCATE – SUPPORT – MENTOR you through the process of finding an investment property to suit your budget and one that creates you long term SUSTAINABLE WEALTH.

Our aim is to ensure that when you invest, your lifestyle goals and objectives are considered.

It’s about having the RIGHT Investment that achieves the RIGHT Results

Lyfe Property is dedicated to ensuring that your property is:
•   well built in a timely manner
•   managed to the highest standards
•   safe guarded from any potential issues that may arise
•   tenanted and managed by a property manager who consults with us regularly
•   reviewed on a regular basis to help you stay on track of your investment goals


Australian Investment Property

Residential investment property is remains a great investment when it comes to gearing strategies, both positive and negative. This is a superior investment choice for working families who are looking to create additional wealth with minimal outlay.

Property in SMSF

Because of our affiliation with LyfePlanning Pty Ltd, we are able to offer you SMSF strategies which include property purchases in either residential or commercial, syndicates or property trusts within your SMSF. These strategies provide fantastic retirement planning opportunities.

Client Protection Package

As fear of finding tenants is a major concern for all investors, we commit to finding a tenant before the property is completed. We also help you acquire a good property manager, depreciation schedules, insurances, tax variation schedules and provide a high level of scrutiny by sourcing a good lender that can structure your loans correctly.

Meet the Directors

 We pride ourselves on finding you an investment that meets your needs. Our long term view ensures that we protect YOUR RISK, while still offering the benefits of a range of diversity in your investment portfolios. We have an integrated approach to implementing a strategy that is RIGHT for you, your family and your lifestyle.


Investment Property Specialist

Jason Agnew has a Post Graduate degree from Bond University in Construction and has worked as an Estimator on large scale civil developments. His passion for projects and numbers has been pivotal to his success as a property investment specialist when he worked as the QLD BDM for Premium Lifestyle Group over six years during the GFC. His prior ten years in management accounting has given him the ability to analyse the property investments and provide realistic advice on growth and yield expectations and helps clients to ask the right questions when it comes to their investments. Jason is a relationship guy who sees the bigger picture of investing and long term wealth building for our clients. Jason works with our clients personally and ensures that the properties selected for our clients are of the highest quality.


Financial Strategist

Louise Agnew has worked as a financial adviser for over 12 years both in the UK and in Australia,  She believes that only through good education and understanding is it possible for Australians to take control of their finances and achieve their lifestyle goals.  She is a firm believer that in order to create wealth, you need to have a plan, direction, guidance and a trusted mentor, who delivers on your goals.  She will structure your finances in a way that will use several investment vehicles to achieve your goals. Her finance acumen is of a high level and her ability to find a suitable strategy for clients makes her well positioned to get results for her clients.  She believes a range of good investments like shares, property, managed fund and cash are all necessary to be able to achieve sustainable wealth for the long term.  She is passionate about educating women as well as helping with inter-generational wealth transfer.


Friends for Lyfe





We pride ourselves on having a select group of finance brokers who can deliver exceptional service from home loans, investment loans, SMSF borrowing.  They all have more than five years experience and structure loans best suited to client’s specific objectives.



Our solicitors can assist with many property transactions and are leaders in the business.  They work closely with us to deliver timely and accurate outcomes for our clients.


Workshops and Seminars

Being linked with Lyfe Academy, our clients are well informed, educated and mentored through every financial transaction.  We deliver a series of webinars, workshops, corporate presentations and Seminars throughout the year.  Look out for your VIP invitation.





8 Critical Property Investment Selection Criteria

What makes this the RIGHT investment property?  Location; multiple industry, close to cities Infrastructure; schools, transport, shopping precincts that will lead to jobs/employment Population movements; how many people are moving into an area compared to those leaving Owner Occupiers V’s Renters Growth levels; strong growth and yield prospects that increase quicker than CPI House and land packages; selections from many Builders (quality, reliability, time), easy to maintain, low costs, builder’s warranty, expert help Depreciation; optimising your schedule. Claiming what is rightly yours Bank valuations; considerations on land and house values. Fair value based on metre square rates... read more

Beat the taxman and prosper

  For those wanting to really ensure a great nest egg for retirement, being conscious of paying too much tax early on is critical in making the most of your money Superannuation in conjunction with residential investment property are perhaps the most tax effective vehicles that can be used by Australians to build their wealth. With a maximum tax rate of 15% it is enticing for most. This tax rate drops to 0% in the pension phase. Capital gains tax is a major consideration outside of superannuation however a capital gain on a property that has been held for more than 12 months, within a SMSF has a maximum tax rate of 10%; or 0% if in the pension phase. This can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. SMSF are incredibly favourable for this very reason and a fantastic starting point to get your money working better for you.   About the author; Jason Agnew BHMAcc / Part CIMA / DFS (FP) / GradDip Const. Real Estate Agent Qld – Licence No: 3702512   LYFE PROPERTY   Under the brand of Lyfe Academy, this husband and wife team, Jason & Louise, have grown the Lyfe Group to incorporate financial education, financial planning and property investment. At Lyfe Property our team aligns your goals and objectives with your investment strategy. We educate, support and mentor you through your personal program and ultimately create you long term, sustainable wealth. We take the guess work out of property investment.   Building your family wealth, one property at a time.   The information contained in this article is of a general... read more

Do you feel in control of your super and the investment decisions?

Every now and then I wake at midnight wondering what the share market is doing. Do you ever feel that pang of angst and go and check your super or account balance? As super is mostly controlled by fund managers and governed by federal government it’s important to know what’s being decided for your money. Understanding the basics of super can be very helpful. If you do not have these basics in your super, then this is a great place to start … Managed funds are the primary investment vehicle for what the industry calls My Super default accounts and are initially set up under a ‘lifecycle investment strategy’. This means your investment strategy will automatically change in your super according to your age. Is this what you want to have happen? It may be … but if not, how do you take back some control? Getting to select your own investment strategy or portfolio within industry, retail and institutional (wrap) funds whereby a financial adviser can set you up with the right investment portfolio based on your investment risk profile and comfort level is the next stage. Some can include direct shares too. Again is this something you are wanting? Someone else to control your money? Maybe so and that’s great and a good place to be if you are too busy to manage this yourself. But if you’re serious about taking maximum control of your money and financial investment decisions then a SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) may be a great option, not only because of the flexibility it provides but also as you can acquire and... read more

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